How To Improve Hearing & Eyesight? Doc Willie Ong Cites Ways

Doc Willie Ong Cites Ways To Improve Hearing & Eyesight

HOW TO IMPROVE HEARING & EYESIGHT – Doctor Willie Ong cited ways to achieve a stronger hearing and clearer perception of an object.

Undeniably, nowadays, poor hearing and eyesight do not only come to those who are approaching the old age. There are a lot of factors resulting to teenagers and those in the middle age being unable to hear and see clearly.

Truths be told that the use of certain gadgets like mobile phones, computers, and televisions is among the prime factors. The use of these things have become part of our everyday lives now.

Aside from technology, there are also factors that we cannot escape from no matter what we do. Some people are affected with eye astigmatism which develops through time and none can stop it. Some people were also born with small ears causing them to hear poorly.

Based on a video of Dr. Willie Ong on YouTube, there are ways on how to improve hearing and eyesight. For stronger hearing, you may do the following:

  • cover your ears with your hands while listening to something as it will provide a path for vibrations to reach your ears
  • when using a mobile phone and you cannot hear clearly, put it inside a circular object like a bowl to make the sound louder

With regards to improving the eyesight, light perception plays a big part. That is why people with astigmatism finds it hard to see clearly at night. Based on the video of Dr. Willie Ong, squinting can help you see clearly.

Doc Willie suggests looking at an object with one or both eyes partly closed. The lesser the light that gets into the retina, the more you can focus over something. Here is the video:

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