q Kidney Damaging Habits - Things We Do That Damage The Kidney

Kidney Damaging Habits – Things We Do That Damage The Kidney

Kidney damaging habits that we should stop doing now.

KIDNEY DAMAGING HABITS – Here are some of the habits we unconsciously do which are actually damaging our kidneys according to Doc Willie Ong.

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs in the renal system performing crucial functions for the body and internal waste management. However, we sometimes tend to take it for granted and realize this when it’s already too late.

Here are the habits you must stop doing to avoid damaging your kidneys according to Doc Willie Ong:

  • Too much salt intake – Salt encourages water to stay in the body, thus, causing the increase of blood pressure. Limit intake of every food that’s high in salt such as instant noodles, junk foods, fish sauce, soy sauce, salted fish, and among others.
  • Eating food with very high protein content – Meat is high in protein which is why one should consume a minimum amount already because the more you eat meat the more the kidney work harder.
  • High blood pressure – Maintain a 130/80 blood pressure of lower for it is in that digit that the kidney are in safer state.
  • Sugar – Stop eating to much food with sugar for diabetes and high blood pressure are common causes of kidney failure. Maintain a blood sugar of 120 MG/DL by diet and medicines.
  • Not drinking water – Drink water always. However, the consumption depends on your age and condition, thus, asked your doctor how much is allowed. Drinking 8 ti 10 glasses a day prevent kidney stones.
  • Taking pain relievers – Look for ointments and other ways to relieve pain for this damages the kidneys.
  • Avoiding check ups – In order keep track of your health, you must not be afraid of having check ups. As for the kidneys, you can has tests such as creatinine and urinalysis.

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  1. Doc willie nag memaintenance po ako ng gamot sa highblood amlodipine 5mg sa umaga at lozartan 50mg sa gabi…masama po ba yung sanayin ko sa gamot araw araw na pag inom ko yang mga yan makakasama po ba o makakasira ng kidney?


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