BLOOD PRESSURE – Doc Willie Explains High, Pre-High & Normal BP Levels

Guide on Normal, Pre-High & High Blood Pressure Level by Doc Willie Ong

BLOOD PRESSURE – Doctor Willie Ong explained details about the high, pre-high, and normal BP level and what to do in case the BP is high.

A lot of people are suffering from high BP or hypertension nowadays. It usually targets people who are above 50s but, now, even individuals as young as 20 years old may be having it.

Undeniably, most have hypertension because of their unhealthy lifestyle. Eating too much salty food, not getting enough rest and sleep, and a lot more unhealthy habits can be the cause why the BP is high.

Through a video, Doc Willie Ong explained how to read the blood pressure levels. There are normal, pre-high, and high levels and here is a guide on the rate under each:

Normal BP Level

  • Systolic is 120 or less & Diastolic is 80 or less
  • Indication – You’re far from stroke and heart attack.

Pre-High BP Level

  • Systolic is 121-139 & Diastolic is 81-89
  • Indication – It can lead to high BP level.

High BP Level

  • Systolic is 140 & Diastolic is 90 or above
  • Indication – There’s a need to change your lifestyle.

In the video, Doc Willie On shared tips on how to reduce the BP level. It is necessary to take the prescribed medicine by a doctor, lose weight, and reduce the intake of salty and fatty food. Here is a list of the other food that you must cut from your diet:

  • animal products like meat
  • butter
  • junk food
  • oily fast food meals

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