Benefits of Water: Here’s Why You Should Not Forget to Drink Water

BENEFITS OF WATER – Doctor Willie Ong discussed the importance of drinking enough water daily to stay healthy.

While it is a wide reminder to drink water daily, it is an undeniably fact that many of us tend to take it for granted. Perhaps, many of us are not convinced as to how well it can do to the human body. Here are some good encouragements from Doc Willie Ong.

WATER – 10 Surprising Reasons Why You Need To Drink More Water

List of 10 Surprising Reasons That Will Convince You To Drink More Water

WATER – Here is a list of ten(10) surprising reasons why you need to drink more of it aside from simply quenching your thirst.

Undeniably, nowadays, due to the presence of several delicious drinks everywhere, there are times that we disregard drinking water. We would prefer those fruit juices, shakes, ice coffees, milk teas, etc.

The said habit has a lot of negative effects – including health conditions. Many people are dehydrated, got kidney problems, and other health conditions as they rarely drink water.

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Recently, internist and cardiologist Dr. Willie Ong discussed the reasons why we actually need to drink more water. Here is a list of ten(10) of the reasons that will convince you to do so:

1. Helps prevent kidney stones – Drink 12 glasses a day to help dissolve the substance that forms into kidney stones.

2. Helps treat urinary tract infections (UTI) – According to Doc Willie, drinking more water helps treat UTI as you will frequently urinate. Thus, the harmful bacteria in the bladder is being flushed out.

3. Helps diarrhea patients – Drinking more the said drink helps people who are suffering from diarrhea as it prevents dehydration.

4. Helps reduce fever – Doc Willie stated that the habit can help release the heat in the body by urinating. Also, it can help lower the body temperature for those who are suffering from the symptoms of flu.

5. Helps treat colds and cough – The habit can help loosen the sticky phlegm and ease sore throat and respiratory infections.

6. Helps reduce heartburn – Dr. Willie Ong suggests taking two to three gulps of water every twenty(20) minutes to flush out the stomach acid.

7. Helps prevent constipation – Aside from helping diarrhea patients, drinking more water can also help avoid constipation or hardened stools.

8. Helps decrease food intake – The said habit can help you feel full faster and reduce your food intake. It can really aid you in losing your extra pounds.

9. Boosts the brain – It helps keep your brain active by preventing dehydration.

10. Helps keep skin soft and radiant – Dehydration can also lead to sag and sunken-looking skin.

Here is the video of Dr. Willie Ong posted on YouTube:

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