q Healthy Snacks - A List Of Healthy Snacks For Kids and Adults

Healthy Snacks – A List Of Healthy Snacks For Kids and Adults

What are the best options for healthy snacks? Find out the answer here!

HEALTHY SNACKS – Here are some bright and healthy ideas to munch on for snacks to keep you healthy and help you lose weight.

Snacks are the foods we eat in between proper meals to keep us through the day. It can be a part of a healthy eating pattern and these foods, when you choose smartly, will help you get important nutrients, keep you energized, and satiate your hunger.

Healthy Snacks
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For easy access, you may stock the following in your fridge:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Frozen fruit
  • Fruits canned in water or their own juice
  • Whole grain bread, crackers, and cereals
  • Lower fat yogurt
  • Lower fat cheese
  • Unsalted nuts and seeds and their butter
  • Hummus
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Single-serving canned fish

Always plan in advance and keep your focus on your list. This way, you will have control over the food you consume and you can save money if you stick to your planned items.

Here are some tips:

  • eat your fresh or frozen berries with cottage cheese
  • banana slices go well with peanut butter
  • make fruit skewers with Greek yogurt
  • apple slices go well with almond butter or cheese
  • peaches can be eaten with sweet tofu
  • make homemade whole-grain English muffin with almond butter and fruit slices
  • make homemade smoothie or lassi by blending fruit and/or vegetables with yogurt, milk, or unsweetened fortified soy drink altogether
  • add some unsweetened shredded coconut and pineapple to your Chia pudding
  • sliced strawberries and toasted almonds on top of your green salad
  • dip veggie sticks into your cashew dip
  • eat your hard-boiled egg with slice Cherry tomatoes
  • whole-grain toast topped with apple slices and melted cheese

According to a post from the Government Of Canada, “it is important to develop healthy habits when it comes to snacking”.

One important thing to do is to only eat snacks when you’re hungry, not when you’re tired, bored, or emotional.


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