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On Intermittent Fasting, Don’t Do These 10 Common Mistakes

Guide on Intermittent Fasting 10 Common Mistakes by People on Diet

INTERMITTENT FASTING – Here are 10 common mistakes that many people who are under this weight loss strategy actually commit.

The 16/8 intermittent fasting is becoming more and more popular nowadays. A lot of people claimed that they lost several pounds because of the said weight loss strategy — but it’s not that easy, you have to have enough self-discipline.

Intermittent Fasting
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The said type of weight loss strategy limits a person’s eating period to eight (8) hours only in a day leaving the rest of the hours for fasting. However, it is not simply about eating within 8 hours and not eating for 16 hours.

In fact, there are these 10 common mistakes that many people who are in this fat-burning strategy, one of the most popular types of diet for weight loss, unconsciously commit:

Drinking Soda

Water and other beverages are allowed during the 16-hour period of fasting. Truth be told that drinking soda can help you get rid of your hunger fast but it will not help you in losing weight. It can even spark your craving for sweets with drinks that have caffeine.

Being on an intense workout

Just go for moderate exercises. Truth be told that when you are on an intermittent fasting, your body does not have all the energy to be on an intense workout at the same time. If you want the exercise to be more hardcore, make sure that you are a few hours away only from your next meal.

Intermittent Fasting Common Mistakes
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Too much calorie intake

Although you only eat within the eight-hour period in a day, it is still not in line with your weight loss goal if you will consume too much calories. It would be very easy to overeat so be careful with the foods that you eat.

Caffeine Withdrawals

You don’t have to ditch your favorite espresso while you are on an intermittent diet. You just have to make sure that you avoid from adding a lot of milk and sugar to it.

Eating the Wrong Foods

Putting the wrong foods on your plate is a waste of effort while you are on an intermittent fasting. Make sure you have adequate lean protein to keep you full longer and fiber from fruits and legumes to slow down the digestion process.

Overdoing It On Your First Days

Suddenly shrinking your eating period into an eight-hour window can bring a huge impact to you — too much hunger. It might discourage you from continuing the diet. You can actually do it in a 5:2 strategy first — 5 days of normal eating period and 2 days on diet.

Not minding your water intake

A person on a weight loss journey is best to have at least two (2) liters of water daily. Also, making sure you are hydrated will stop you from mistaking hunger for thurst.

Being too extreme

Don’t drop your calorie-intake to less than a certain level each day as it promises weight loss. Always choose a move that is sustainable in the long run and will not cause your body to be unhealthy.

Forcing it into your system

For a successful weight loss journey through intermittent fasting, it is best to treat it like a part of your system and not like a punishment. It would be great and easier to do if it feels like a part of your routine.

Giving up

This should not be one of the options if you want a successful weight loss journey. Throwing in the towel will only waste your efforts and take your far from your goal.

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