q Bad Effects Of Fasting: Side Effects Of Intermittent Fasting

Bad Effects Of Fasting: Side Effects Of Intermittent Fasting

Here are some of the bad effects of fasting that you should know.

BAD EFFECTS OF FASTING – There are side effects caused by fasting and here are some that you must be aware of to prevent complications.

Intermittent fasting along with a low-carb diet is one famous method to lose weight and is also said to be effective. Fasting is skipping a meal and it produces some good effects and benefits to health such as reducing inflammation, regulate blood sugar level, boost heart health, and increase growth hormone.

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Bad Effects Of Fasting
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However, on the other end, there are some potential bad effects of doing this. Although it is safe for most people, there are some minor side effects that you should know.

Check out below:

  • “Hangry”
    This is not just entirely a word. It is real and it happens when you restrict yourself to eat even if your body already tells you that you’re hungry.
  • Brain fog
    People who do IF usually skip the breakfast part which is why they found themselves excessively tired often. Skipping breakfast may affect your performance for the whole day.
  • Low blood sugar
    Nausea, headaches, or dizziness during your IF are the symptoms.
  • Hair loss
    Some who practice IF suffers hair loss and it’s because weight loss suddenly happened and lack of nutrients to the body.
  • Menstrual cycle changes
    The cycle may change and may even stop completely because of the caloric deficit and drastic weight loss.
  • Constipation
    This is because you restrict yourself with foods, thus, resulting in not getting enough fluid, vitamins, protein, or fiber as per the Women’s Health Mag article.
  • Other side effects include sleep disturbance and mood changes.


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