Connective Tissue – Its Different Types and Its Function

Connective Tissue

These are the various types of connective tissue and how each function. Check out below! CONNECTIVE TISSUE – This is the definition of connective tissue, its classifications, and the essential function of each classification. The Brittanica has defined connective tissue as a “group of tissues in the body that maintain the form of the body … Read more

Digestion Process – The Digestive System Process

Diegestion Process

What is the digestion process and how does it take place? DIGESTION PROCESS – This is how the process of digestion takes place in the digestive system and the organs that are included in this specific process. After eating your food, aren’t you curious about how does the body breaks it down and its journey … Read more

Parts Of The Heart – Heart Anatomy and Function

Parts Of The Heart

These are the different parts of the heart and the function of each. PARTS OF THE HEART – The human heart works non-stop every day, every time and these are the parts that comprise this vital organ of the human body. The heart is an organ that pumps blood all throughout the body. It is … Read more

Lobotomy – Dark Side and History Of Lobotomy a.k.a Leucotomy


The interesting history of lobotomy, a type of psychosurgery. LOBOTOMY – Here’s a brief discussion of the history of lobotomy and its interesting history that caught much controversy. A type of psychosurgery that is not practiced in the medical field now is lobotomy or also called leucotomy. This psychosurgery is done on people with mental … Read more

Trypophobia – What Is Trypophobia and What Causes Trypophobia


What is the definition of trypophobia and what triggers this condition? TRYPOPHOBIA – The things you should know about the fear of holes such as the factors that cause it and what triggers this kind of condition. The condition in which a person suffers from fear of wholes is called trypophobia. Bumps and other clustered … Read more