q Frozen Shoulder - What Is The Meaning Of Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen Shoulder – What Is Frozen Shoulder and Some Details About This

These are some important details about the frozen shoulder that you probably don’t know yet.

FROZEN SHOULDER – Here are some details about a condition called frozen shoulder and the right things to do about this.

A frozen shoulder is a condition that is definitely bothersome. It can hinder you in doing things you used to flawlessly do, may it be simple or difficult. This disorder is also called adhesive capsulitis.

Frozen Shoulder
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This is common and it causes pain, stiffness, and loss of normal range of motion, specifically in your shoulder. Women, ages 40 years old to 60 years old, are more often affected by this compared to men and if left untreated, it may get worse.

There’s no one specific reason as to why it happens but factors like immobility for a long period of time due to injury, surgery, or illness may likely make this occur.

As much as we all know, we can move our shoulders in a wide range of motion. The movement is mainly because of the ball-and-socket arrangement called the glenohumeral joint. This is what makes the upper arm bone and the glenoid cavity joined together.

The glenohumeral joint is the reason why we can smoothly move our shoulders backward, forward, and do rotation.

According to a post from Hopkins Medicine, this disorder limits our movements and could be caused by an inflammation in the capsule. This capsule is filled with a lubricant called synovial fluid that helps protect the joint and is also the reason why we can move around our shoulders smoothly.

Surgery is not usually the answer to treat this but physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication can. According to the post, one gets diagnosed with this after going through certain physical examinations like X-rays. This way, your attending physician can identify what caused it and confirm that it’s not caused by other things such as arthritis or calcium deposits.


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