Why Eating Before Bed Is Really Not A Sound Choice To Make? Here’s What You Should Know

Reason Why Eating Before Bed Is Not A Wise Move

EATING BEFORE BED – While there are times that it cannot be avoided, having a late dinner or midnight snack is not a wise move.

Undeniably, many of us find it hard to ditch a late night snack — in some case, a late meal dinner. There are a lot of us whose daily routine leaves dinner at the last spot in the night. There are also relaxing movie nights where we enjoy eating popcorns and other snack without the worries of time.

Eating Before Bed
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However, while late night snacking or dinner may feel good, it is not a healthy move for the human body. Eating before bed is not a sound choice to make as it goes opposite to how the body works to remain healthy. It is what a lot of people on an intermittent fasting strongly ditch.

In an article on Cleveland Clinic, registered dietitian Alexis Supan was quoted explaining that eating before bed is going against the “body’s circadian rhythm”. The insulin level in the body is high at night and the calories you get from eating before bed turns into fats instead of being burned.

Based on the article, eating at late night can also result to making unhealthy choices. Most often, it is during night time which is regarded as the time to relax when our bodies crave for chips, ice cream, cookies, etc. They will never help in your weight loss goals despite how you follow other weight loss tips.

However, undeniably, a late night dinner or some midnight snacking as the stomach really demands for some food is inevitable. Meanwhile, if it happens and you still want to stay on track in keeping your body healthy, be careful with your food choices. Have foods that can bring your body protein and healthy fat.

When is the best time to stop eating at night? A lot of studies share that two to three hours before sleeping is actually the best time.

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