Signs of Colon Cancer – Here are the Symptoms Prompting Need for Check-Up

SIGNS OF COLON CANCER – Below are the symptoms that are prompting a need for check-up as they can be pointing to colon cancer.

Colon cancer is undeniably the type of cancer that is common among many patients. Unfortunately, in most cases, the detection or diagnosis came quite late.

COLON CANCER SIGNS – 5 Health Symptoms You Must Not Ignore

Guide on 5 Colon Cancer Signs That Prompt A Need for Check-Up

COLON CANCER SIGNS – Here is a list of five (5) health symptoms that you must not ignore.

Cancer is one of the hardest diseases to treat. Sadly, a lot of people lost their lives to it. Furthermore, the treatment that may be effective for one patient may not be effective for another thus it is really a serious disease.

There are different types of cancer. Some patients have it through hereditary factors while others developed it because of their lifestyle. Unhealthy habits can contribute a lot to its development.

Colon Cancer Signs
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One of the most popular types of this disease and also one of the hardest to treat targets the colon. Sadly, a lot of people lost their lives to it as it was already in the later stage when they knew about it.

It is important to be aware of the colon cancer signs. In this way, there is a greater chance for early detection when the unwanted situations take place.

There are several colon cancer signs that are common that is why it is important not to take these health conditions for granted. Here is a list of five (5) symptoms you must not ignore:

  • Abdominal Pain – If your abdominal pain keeps on coming back, it is best to have it checked. Experiencing tenderness in the lower part of your stomach when touched is also not a good sign.
  • Thin Stools – Having thinner stools than usual may indicate a cancer in the colon as a tumor may be blocking the pathway.
  • Constipation – Constipation that persists for weeks may indicate the onset of a tumor.
  • Nausea & Vomiting – Also one of the colon cancer signs is persistent nausea and vomiting. Based on the article, it is best to see a doctor if you are experiencing them without visible reasons.
  • Bloated Stomach – Bloating is caused when the gas is not released and it gets stuck inside the stomach. A bloated stomach may be a sign as a tumor may be blocking the pathway of the gas.

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