Cure for Painful Fingers: Doc Willie Ong Shares What You Can Do

CURE FOR PAINFUL FINGERS – Are you experiencing painful fingers and you want to know the best things to be done?

One of the health conditions that may not fully alarm you but may cause your day to be challenging is having painful fingers. It can disrupt you from working efficiently and effectively. There are excellent cures for it.

TRIGGER FINGER – Dr. Willie Ong Cites Ways On What To Do To Painful Fingers

Ways On What To Do About “Trigger Finger” According to Dr. Willie Ong

TRIGGER FINGER – Doctor Willie Ong cited the ways on what to do in case your are experiencing painful fingers.

Every day, among the most-used parts of the body are the fingers. In fact, we use them in almost all our movements like washing the dishes, sending text messages through the mobile phone, cooking, doing the laundry, wiping the furniture, etc.

Due to its daily use, most of the time it is not anymore surprising if we feel some pain on our fingers. A lot of people are used to the tingling sensation already that it does not bother them. However, if not given attention, that pain can be permanent.

Dr. Willie Ong called this condition as “trigger finger”. According to him, it can be due to arthritis and it is common among people whose line of work greatly involves the use of fingers. Most who have this condition includes the typists and those people who do the laundry for living.

Through a video posted on YouTube, Doc Willie discussed the symptoms of the said condition that affects the fingers. The doctor stressed that due to fatigue, you may experience stiffness on the finger. There may also be a popping noise everytime you bend your finger.

Some pain caused by trigger finger fades in one(1) to two (2) weeks. However, there are cases that the pain became permanent after no intervention was implemented. Here are the ways on what you can do about this condition according to Dr. Willie Ong:

  1. Have it checked by an orthopedic surgeon.
  2. Avoid heavy works and give your fingers time to rest.
  3. Soak your hand in cold water.

The pain must eventually fade and your finger should be fully functioning. Here is a video of Dr. Willie Ong posted on YouTube:

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