HEALTH TIPS – Signs & Indications That You Are Not Healthy

Health Tips

Here are some health tips from Doc Willie Ong. HEALTH TIPS – The medical expert Doc Willie Ong cites signs and indications which might tell that a person is not healthy anymore. Everyone wants to be healthy that is why, we have to look after ourselves and if ever we feel like something is not … Read more

CONSTIPATION – Natural Remedies You Must Know From Doc Willie Ong


Prevention and natural remedies for constipation. CONSTIPATION – Here are some of the significant details you must know about constipation according to Doc Willie Ong. Doc Willie Ong shares details about prevention and cure of constipation as anyone can suffer this kind of condition. Constipation is when one person has hard stools which makes one … Read more

PROPER HYGIENE – Doc Liza Ong On Tips For Proper Hygiene

Proper Hygiene

Doc Liza Ong shares some tips about proper hygiene. PROPER HYGIENE – Here are some tips and guide from medical expert Doc Liza Ong on how to maintain proper hygiene for better personal care. Self-care is definitely very important and the first step is our care for our body. Physical appearance is the surface that … Read more