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Types Of Rest To Ease Stress and Exhaustion

What are the other types of rest apart from sleeping?

TYPES OF REST – Most adults suffer from extreme stress and here are the kinds of rest that they need to practice for a full recharge.

We often thought that sleeping is the best way to rest. While this is partly true along with the health benefits of sleep to our physical and mental health, there are other types of rest that we can actually practice to get a complete and total recharge.

These are the types that can ease our ongoing exhaustion and burnout from both life and work in general.

Sleeping is undeniably a main component for a good overall health and well-being but resting is so much more than sleep.

These are the different types of sleep:

  1. Physical Rest – This is the rest that mainly needs sleep. Through sleeping, the body gets a recharge. The other forms are stretching, going for a massage, or leisure walking.
  2. Mental Rest – You lack mental rest if you have been experiencing brain fogging, not focused, and not able to slow down. To take a break, do things like meditation, having short breaks, and doing your hobbies.
  3. Emotional Rest – Many situations can easily drain us and this rest is being able to express your emotions in a healthy way. Enough of this rest can lead to improved emotional intelligence, better relationships, and a greater sense of inner peace.
  4. Sensory Rest – This rest is keeping yourself away from bright lights, loud noises, and blue lights from screens. Some ways to do this is turning off your gadgets, be in a quiet place, and enjoying outdoors with nature.
  5. Creative Rest – This is the kind of rest that will recharge your creativity. Step away from what you are doing and take time to see things from a distance with a fresh perspective. This will spark new ideas, enhance problem-solving skills, and bring joy.
  6. Social Rest – This is keeping away yourself from the things and people that stresses you and being with positive and supportive people. This will improve your mood and outlook in life.
  7. Spiritual Rest – This is engaging yourself in activities like meditation, prayer, or community involvement.

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