Relaxation Techniques – Things To Do When Stressed

Relaxation Techniques

Here are some tips and quick ways that are effective that will help you feel more relaxed when you are feeling stressed about a certain thing. Days, when we feel overwhelmed and full of stress and anxiety, are inevitable. We always have our downs and bad days and one essential thing whenever this happens is … Read more

Benefits Of Yoga – How It Helps To Stay Healthy?

Benefits Of Yoga

What are the different benefits of yoga? Here are some that you should know! BENEFITS OF YOGA – Learn about the health benefits of yoga that may bring to your body both physically and mentally all ages. Natalie Nevins, DO, is a board-certified osteopathic family physician and certified Kundalini Yoga instructor in Hollywood, California. She … Read more

Signs of Narcolepsy: Here are the Symptoms of this Disease

Signs of Narcolepsy

SIGNS OF NARCOLEPSY – Here are the symptoms of this sleep disorder that some people are suffering from nowadays. Some people are have a huge problem when it comes to sleeping. There are those who cannot sleep well at night and their activities during the day is greatly affected. One of these health conditions is … Read more

Mental Breakdown Meaning – What Is A Mental Breakdown?

Mental Breakdown Meaning

MENTAL BREAKDOWN MEANING – This is the meaning of mental breakdown and the signs to look for to determine if a person is suffering from this. A mental breakdown is when a person is suffering from a mental crisis overcoming his or her emotions. It is also known as a nervous breakdown and here are … Read more

Signs Of Depression – Its Physical Manifestations

Signs Of Depression

SIGNS OF DEPRESSION – How to know if you are going through depression or not? Here are some physical symptoms. Being depressed affects mood, behavior, energy, and among others. Physically, it can be shown, and here are the signs and symptoms.

Mental Breakdown – Signs, Causes, & Treatment Of This

Mental Breakdown

These are the signs and causes of a mental breakdown, including recovery. MENTAL BREAKDOWN – There are a lot of factors involved in causing a mental breakdown and here are some of these causing this condition. University of Utah’s Kevin Curtis, Crisis Services Director at University of Utah Health Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI), said that … Read more

What Is Mania and Its Symptoms?

What Is Mania

WHAT IS MANIA – This is what mania is including the factors causing and triggering this condition. A manic episode is composed of an irritable mood, intense energy, racing thoughts, and other behaviors that are extreme and exaggerated. The American Psychological Association defines mania as “generally, a state of excitement, overactivity, and psychomotor agitation, often … Read more

Mania – What Is Mania & Its Causes and Symptoms


Here’s a definition of mania and its different causes of it. MANIA – This is the definition of mania and other details of this such as the causes, triggers, and its different symptoms. The National Library of Medicine defined mania as “a period of 1 week or more in which a person experiences a change … Read more

Symptoms Of Anxiety Attack (How To Manage Them)

Symptoms Of Anxiety Attack

SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY ATTACK – Here are the common symptoms, physically and emotionally, of an anxiety attack and how to deal with them. Having anxiety attacks may interfere with our emotional and physical productivity, and with that being said, it is not a good thing. Although the feeling of being anxious is just normal, it … Read more