q Sleeping on your Stomach: Here's Why You Must Not Sleep on this Position

Sleeping on your Stomach: Here’s Why You Must Not Sleep on this Position

SLEEPING ON YOUR STOMACHE – Here are some of the reasons why it is not actually ideal to sleep on your stomache.

A lot of people undeniably loves to sleep on their stomach. However, while this may sound comfortable, there are some health warnings that you must be aware of with regards to sleeping on your stomach.

Sleeping Positions: Does Sleeping On Your Stomach Has Bad Effects?

What are the good sleeping positions for you have a good rest?

SLEEPING POSITIONS – Doc Willie Ong has this advise to those people who are sleeping on their stomach and why you shouldn’t sleep in this position.

To have a good and enough sleep and rest, to others, is already a “luxury”, most especially, to working adults who got tight schedules and load of works to be done. As much as we are all aware of, sleeping has a lot of benefits to the body and to the overall health.

Sleeping Positions
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Each of us has our own sleeping position which enables us to sleep comfortably. However, Doc Willie Ong says in a post that people must be careful if they choose to sleep on their stomach and it is because of the following reasons:

  • causes wrinkles as your face is being pressed down
  • dirty pillow causes pimples
  • for babies, they might suffer difficulty in breathing when sleeping on their stomach

Meanwhile, aside from those effects when sleeping on your stomach, an article from Sleep Advisor has these reasons why you shouldn’t do this:

  • Strains the spine – sleeping on stomach causes pain joints, back, or neck for it puts a certain amount of strain and pressure on your spine. In this position, you are placing the weight on the middle part of your body
  • Neck pain – this is because you can’t possibly breath with your full face on the pillow, right? In order to breath, you must turn to one side where you twist your neck and in the long run, this will cause severe damages.
  • Not for pregnant women – moms-to-be have the bump and you surely wouldn’t like to add your back pain by putting extra weight to the middle of your body from sleeping on your stomach.


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