Dental Health: Good and Bad Foods For The Teeth You Must Know

The good and bad foods for your dental health that you must know!

DENTAL HEALTH – Here are the types of good foods you must eat and bad foods you must avoid for your teeth in order to avoid certain dental problems.

Good oral hygiene is just as important as being hygienic with the body. It is necessary to keep both of your teeth and gums healthy which requires habits such as brushing and regular dentist visit. If you don’t do practices for protection, this can lead to tooth decay or gum problems which causes pain, problems with self-confidence, and tooth loss. 

Dental Health
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  • Water – this prevents tooth decay, removes bacteria and sugar in teeth, reduces discoloration, and cleanses the mouth
  • Crunchy vegetables and fruits – apple, pear, carrots, celery, cucumber, and pepper are just crunchy and healthy foods that do not stuck between the teeth and actually helps you produce more saliva to cleanse away the bacteria and also prevent tooth decay
  • Cheese – it contains enamel which strengthen the enamel of the teeth and neutralize acid in the mouth
  • Tea – black tea reduces pace of enzymes that causes tooth decay
  • Xylitol Gum – regular chewing gums and candies has lots of sugar but this type of gum has natural sweetener, thus, reduces bacteria causing tooth decay and helps produce more saliva to kill bacteria


  • Sugary foods – the sugar forms into acid which damages the enamel of the teeth to which other enamel-damaging foods includes sugar, honey, corn syrup, jams, candies, icing, and chocolate.
  • Sticky foods – the sugar it contains stick in the teeth which is harmful, thus, limit eating this type of foods
  • Pastries, doughnuts, and cakes – they are all rich in carbohydrates and starch which the bacteria can use as they are easily broken down to simple components which is why you must brush after eating this
  • Improper milk feeding of children – “baby bottle tooth decay” happens when the mother lets a child sleep with the bottle of milk in his mouth
  • Alcoholic drinks – it erodes the covering of the teeth which is called the enamel which is very harmful just like smoking that causes teeth discoloration

As per the post from Doc Willie Ong, there are certain ways to protect the teeth which includes brushing teeth after meal or twice or thrice in a day, using dental floss and tongue cleaner, drinking or gargling water after a snack, and a regular visit to your dentist which is every 6 months.


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