Micellar Water – What To Know Before Using This?

Here are some of the things to know first before using micellar water. Check them out below!

MICELLAR WATER – Some include micellar water in their skincare regimen and these are the many benefits and uses of this.

A good choice as a gentle facial cleanser is micellar water to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. As much as many know, washing your face daily is a must to keep your skin clean and healthy. And this cleanser is made of purified water, moisturizers, and mild surfactants that will not stip off the natural oils in the skin.

Micellar Water
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Proper hygiene is essential to also prevent acne.

This is a great addition to the skincare routine of people who have sensitive skin as it doesn’t have harsh chemicals or alcohol. It has a mild concentration of soap or detergent but it doesn’t give a soapy feel. It is just simply like cleaning your face with water, very light on the skin.

According to a post from Healthline, here are the benefits of this:

  • Promotes hydration
    Most types have glycerin, a hydrating compound.
  • Remove impurities
    Micelles are effective in removing excess oils and dirt. Since it can help remove dirt, blocked pores and pimples may be prevented.
  • Versatile
    It is very mild that it is appropriate for all skin types

However, this will not solve all of your problems. The other skin problems may require other treatment but this is a good gentle cleanser.

The best way of using this is to apply it to your face with a cotton pad or cloth. It can be used to remove the day’s grime and gunk at night or as a cleanser in the morning. Another way of using this is to splash it on your hand and gently massage it on your face right after without the need of rinsing it off.


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