Hot Compress Uses and How To Make A Hot Compress

What are the uses of a hot compress and how to make one?

HOT COMPRESS – These are the uses and benefits of a hot compress and some tips on how to make one that you should know.

The method where heat is applied to a particular part of the body is called a hot compress. The most common way is using a warm, wet washcloth. This procedure is known to be helpful in increasing blood flow to sore areas of the body which promotes reduced pain and faster recovery.

Hot Compress

Other health issues where you may use a warm compress include sore muscles, sinus congestion, menstrual cramps, and boils. A warm compress can be identified into two – a moist warm compress and a dry warm compress.

According to a 2013 study, the moist heat type is best for muscle soreness, headache, and congestion. In making this, you should have a bowl filled with hot water but not to the point that it’s already scalding to touch. Soak your towel, wring out the excess, and apply.

As for the dry warm compress, you may use a sock filled with rice. Then, tie the top and put it in a microwave until it feels warm enough for you, and apply to your desired area.

Doing hot compresses is generally safe unless the issues or condition involved is a fresh injury like a cut or a muscle sprain.

According to the SAPNA Med blog, other conditions that a warm compress may ease are osteoarthritis, back muscle strain, tendonitis, and fibromyalgia.

A warm compress is generally best used for relieving. These are the times when heat should not be used:

  • to hot or inflamed skin
  • to dermatitis or open wound
  • to numb area


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