Health Benefits Of Owning Dog – What Are These?

These are the different health benefits of owning dog. Check out below!

HEALTH BENEFITS OF OWNING DOG – Ever wonder what are these benefits? Here are some to know if you are a pet owner.

They say if you want to get healthy, get a dog!

All dog owners, often called fur parents, know the joys that come with having a dog companion. However, many are still unaware that having a pet dog does not only give us happiness and companionship but also physical and mental health benefits. And there are many dog breeds we can choose from!

Pets, especially dogs and cats, can help in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. They also make us feel less lonely. Now, here are the health benefits of pet owning, specifically dogs, that are backed by Science.

Health Benefits Of Owning Dog
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  1. A national survey done by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute found that both pet owners and non-pet owners agree on one fact – pets reduce loneliness.
  2. It is good for the heart because owning a pet reduces stress, one of the major causes of cardiovascular problems. This means that they help us live longer.
  3. A study from Washington State University found that petting a dog for 10 minutes can make a good impact in reducing cortisol or stress hormones.
  4. They help us move, eventually making us reach daily physical activity guidelines.
  5. A 2009 study in Japan suggested that levels of oxytocin or love hormones are raised by just merely looking at them for several minutes.

In a post from Harvard Health, a conclusion was made about the effects of owning a dog, and based on solid research, they are:

  • provide companionship
  • help you be more active
  • make kids calmer, more secure, and more responsible
  • improve the lives of older individuals
  • help you be calmer, more mindful, and more present in your life
  • make you more social and less isolated
  • ease stress

Moreover, there are ongoing researches about these benefits to be undeniable.

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