q Diabetes Signs: Doc Willie Ong Cites 9 Warning Signals You Must Not Ignore

Diabetes Signs: Doc Willie Ong Cites 9 Warning Signals You Must Not Ignore

DIABETES SIGNS – Doctor Willie Ong cited the nine (9) warning signs that you must not ignore as they may be pointing to diabetes.

One of the health conditions that can be both hereditary and acquired is diabetes. Thus. even when you lived your previous years without it, it is important to know the diabetes signs to avoid severe health conditions.

8 Diabetes Warning Signs Pointed Out By Doc Willie Ong

Doc Willie Ong Cites 8 Diabetes Warning Signs You Must Not Ignore

DIABETES WARNING SIGNS – In a video, doctor Willie Ong pointed out eight(8) early health signs indicating that you may have diabetes or in the boundary for the said disease.

Diabetes is affecting a lot of people nowadays. It is a condition wherein the pancreas are no longer able to produce insulin or the body cannot anymore make good use of what it produces.

A person may inherit the said health condition from his or her parents or it may also be acquired. The lifestyle of a person plays a big factor for those who only acquired it. Most people who have it are those who are fond of eating sweets.

Are you suspecting that you may be having diabetes or in the boundary for the said disease? You might love to know the diabetes warning signs to prevent it from getting worst. Doc Willie Ong cited eight(8) symptoms in a video posted on YouTube.

According to Doc Willie, an untreated diabetes can lead to other complications. Here’s a list of the diabetes warning signs that you must not ignore:

  1. frequent urination
  2. always thirsty and looking for sweets
  3. losing weight despite normal eating habits
  4. experiencing fatigue or restlessness
  5. blurry vision
  6. wounds take much time to heal
  7. numb feet and hands
  8. infection

Aside from the symptoms, in the video, Dr. Willie Ong also shared some tips on what to do if you have a high blood sugar. Here are the tips:

  • drink only water and avoid soft drinks, iced tea, juice, and other sweet drinks
  • eat only one(1) cup of brown rice per meal
  • do not eat too much bread
  • eat more vegetables
  • eat fist
  • avoid oily food
  • limit your intake of meat
  • exercise
  • avoid unhealthy habits
  • eat fruits such as apple, pears, and banana and avoid grapes, mango, and watermelon

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