Types Of Protein and Their Function

Types Of Protein

What are the different types of protein? Find out some here including their function and sources. TYPES OF PROTEIN – Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and these are the various types and functions of protein that you should know. One of the most abundant organic molecules in living systems is protein. They … Read more

Types Of Collagen and What They Do

Types Of Collagen

These are the different types of collagen and their benefits. TYPES OF COLLAGEN – The most abundant protein in the body is college and these are the different types of this and what they actually do. An important protein that is beneficial in building and supporting tissues from bones and cartilage, skin, hair, and eyes … Read more

Lymphocytes – What Is Lymphocytes, Their Function and Definition?


What is the meaning of lymphocytes and this word’s definition? LYMPHOCYTES – The immune system is a network of immune cells and part of it is the lymphocytes, and this is the function of this. The immune system is a large complex network of immune cells, organs, white blood cells, proteins (antibodies), and chemicals. They … Read more

Respiratory System Parts – Different Parts Of A Respiratory System

Respiratory System Parts

These are the different respiratory system parts and how to take care of your respiratory system. RESPIRATORY SYSTEM PARTS – Here are the different parts of a respiratory system and some tips on how to keep this system healthy. Without the respiratory system, respiration will never take place. Respiration is the process of breathing – … Read more

Connective Tissue – Its Different Types and Its Function

Connective Tissue

These are the various types of connective tissue and how each function. Check out below! CONNECTIVE TISSUE – This is the definition of connective tissue, its classifications, and the essential function of each classification. The Brittanica has defined connective tissue as a “group of tissues in the body that maintain the form of the body … Read more