Introvert, Ambivert, Extrovert – Which One Do You Belong?

Introvert, Ambivert, Extrovert – The Characteristics of Each

INTROVERT, AMBIVERT, EXTROVERT – Do you want to make sure which part of the personality spectrum do you really belong to?

While many have no time discovering more of themselves, it is really an advantage to get to know “you” before knowing another person from head to toe. It is important to determine your likes and dislikes, how you respond to certain situations, which circumstances do you prefer, etc. It is important to know your personality.

Oftentimes, people get swayed by their surroundings that they get no idea of who they really are. This is why others complain that they feel “lost”. If you really know who you are, there is a big chance you will not feel the same way.

Introvert, Ambivert, Extrovert

Let us start with your personality. Have you heard the terms introvert, ambivert, and extrovert? It is important to know which among them do you belong to.

Personality Spectrum


  • Based on Science of People, an introvert person loves to spend time alone. He or she is also reserved and prefers to work independently. He or she performs best as an individual rather than with a group. People who are under this personality type likes to process things internally.


  • The middle point of the spectrum is the ambivert. Individuals who have this personality enjoy the company of other people but they also need time to be alone. They can be outgoing but in the right or preferred context. When it comes to work processes, they can work independently but they can also blend well in a group. They can process things internally or externally.
  • Extrovert

Extrovert individuals are those who are really outgoing and would prefer to be in a group rather than alone. Based on the article, they work best with teams and they like to talk things out loud with people.

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