Micellar Water – What To Know Before Using This?

Micellar Water

Here are some of the things to know first before using micellar water. Check them out below! MICELLAR WATER – Some include micellar water in their skincare regimen and these are the many benefits and uses of this. A good choice as a gentle facial cleanser is micellar water to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. … Read more

Is Coffee Acidic? Why Does Coffee Acidity Matters?

Is Coffee Acidic

Coffee is a famous drink but is coffee acidic? Here’s what you need to know. IS COFFEE ACIDIC – Coffee may have a variety of potential health benefits but the confusing thing about this drink is its acidity level. What should you know? Drinking coffee is good until you do it excessively. Too much caffeine … Read more

Sleeping Pills Overdose – Can You Die From Sleeping Pills?

Sleeping Pills Overdose

Here are the signs of sleeping pills overdose and how dangerous it is. SLEEPING PILLS OVERDOSE – A lot of people rely on sleeping pills for a restful night but this poses some dangers like being overdosed. Tolerance and dependence may develop if we often rely on sleeping pills to have a good sleep. But … Read more

Get Enough Sleep – Here’s What Happens If You Won’t

Get Enough Sleep

GET ENOUGH SLEEP – It is important to get enough quality sleep because this is what will happen if you don’t give this to your body. People often cut back on their sleep for other important reasons like work or lesser important reasons like watching a good television series. Enough sleep can bring an array of … Read more

PCOS Acne – How Do You Treat This Type Of Acne?


What can you do to treat PCOS acne? Here are some tips. PCOS ACNE – One of the common symptoms of having polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is acne and this is what you can do to treat this. One of the most common symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is acne. The other … Read more

How To Know If You’re Pregnant Using a Pregnancy Test

How To Know If You're Pregnant

HOW TO KNOW IF YOU’RE PREGNANT – Below is a guide on using a pregnancy test and how to determine if the result is positive or negative. One of the best ways to determine if you are pregnant or not is to take a pregnancy test. However, to increase the accuracy of the result, it … Read more

How To Whiten Teeth? Here Are Some Teeth Whitening Tips

How To Whiten Teeth

Check out some practical tips on how to whiten teeth below! HOW TO WHITEN TEETH – Smiling is good but smiling with a white set of teeth is better and here are some things to know about teeth whitening. Many products are actually available now in the market with the promise of making your teeth … Read more

Causes of Mental Fatigue? Here are the Factors You Should Avoid

Causes of Mental Fatigue

CAUSES OF MENTAL FATIGUE – Here is a list of the factors or situations that you should avoid to prevent being mentally stressed. Many people are dealing with mental fatigue on a daily basis. Undeniably, being mentally tired can be much more worse than being physically tired. Thus, it is important to know the common … Read more

Different Body Types Diet (Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph)

Different Body Types Diet

These are the different body types and the appropriate diet for each type. DIFFERENT BODY TYPES – Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph are three major body types, and here’s a diet guide for these types. Psychologist William H. Sheldon has introduced three major types. These types are applicable to both males and females and they are Ectomorph, … Read more

Body Types – Different Body Types Of Men and Women

Body Types

What are the various body types of males and females? BODY TYPES – People have different body shapes and sizes and here are some things to know about these different body types. Do you know your body type? The answer is not “weak,” “strong,” “flabby,” “curvy,” or adjectives. One key to getting the fitness result or … Read more