How To Prevent Maskne? Here are Tips to Avoid Pimples due to Face Mask

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Guide on How To Prevent Maskne or Pimples, Acne Caused by Wearing Face Mask

HOW TO PREVENT MASKNE – Here are some tips on how to avoid pimples and acne that can be triggered by wearing a face mask.

The COVID-19 pandemic required the people to wear a face mask for protection. It is one of the health protocols observed in most countries amid the fight against the spread of the virus.

The pandemic is going on for over two (2) years now – and face masks became part of the everyday outfits of the people for years now. However, in some individuals, the constant wearing of face masks has triggered skin conditions like the outbreak of pimples and acnes.

In most cases, it was already worst before they noticed it since they initially thought it was just something normal. If you still have the best state of your facial skin now, it is best to take precautions against Maskne – pimples or acne triggered by the wearing of face masks.

How To Prevent Maskne
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How to prevent maskne? The protection that wearing a face mask can give against the COVID-19 outweighs the possibility that it can trigger an outbreak of pimples or acnes and there are ways that can help you prevent the latter.

How to prevent maskne?

  • Wash fabric mask after every use. If you are using a fabric mask, it is important to wash it at least once a day. Wash dirty masks as soon as possible to prevent molds from developing.
  • Use antimicrobial cream. You can apply some antimicrobial cream in your face before using a face mask to prevent bacterial infections.
  • Remove mask every four (4) hours. Find an area where there are no other people and take off your face mask for at least 15 minutes every four (4) hours to give your skin a break.
  • Choose the right mask. Based on the article, it is important to wear a mask that is not too tight, has two or more layers of fabric, made of natural cotton, and has a wire to prevent the air from leaking through.
  • Wash your face after wearing a face mask. Use a gentle cleanser in washing your face and apply a moisturizer on your skin for protection.

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