ALCOHOLIC DRINKS – Things You Must Know About This Beverage

Alcoholic Drinks

What should you know about alcoholic drinks? ALCOHOLIC DRINKS – Here are some of the most important things that you must know about alcoholic drinks before taking it up according to Doc Willie Ong. In every occasion, drinking session is inevitable as means of enjoyment and a party wouldn’t be complete without it. Occasional drinking … Read more

EARTHQUAKE HANGOVER – What To Do If Feeling Dizzy After Tremor?

Earthquake Hangover

What to do if you are experiencing an earthquake hangover? EARTHQUAKE HANGOVER – Doc Willie Ong discusses what are the right things to do if you are feeling dizzy after a strong shaking or tremor. Just this week, Cotaboto in Philippines was hit with two strong quakes dating October 29 and October 31. The incident … Read more