Lemon Water – How Long Do Lemon Slices Should Last In Water?

Lemon Water

Here are some things you need to know about lemon water and how long should the slices last in water. LEMON WATER – A simple yet refreshing healthy drink you can make is a lemon water and here are some facts about this. A famous, delicious, and healthy drink is putting a lemon in your … Read more

Sleep Deprivation: Its Causes and Effects To The Body

Sleep Deprivation

What are causes of sleep deprivation and its effects to the body? SLEEP DEPRIVATION – Here are the cause and the effects of lack of sleep to the body and our health that you probably don’t know yet. Amid the quarantine where most of us just stay within the safety of our homes, aside from … Read more

Foods Good for Arthritis? Guide On What You Must Eat

Foods Good for Arthritis

Guide on Foods Good for Arthritis or Painful Joints FOODS GOOD FOR ARTHRITIS – Here is a guide on the foods that people with arthritis or those suffering from painful joints may eat. One of the diseases that are common among many people most especially the elder ones is arthritis. It is characterized by painful … Read more

Dry Mouth: Is This An Early Warning Sign Of Diabetes?

Dry Mouth

Is having a dry mouth a sign of diabetes? DRY MOUTH – Doc Willie Ong discusses if having a dry mouth is an early warning sign of diabetes and among other underlying indication of this symptom. What is the connection of a dry mouth and diabetes? Have you ever experienced this? Dry mouth is also … Read more