Self Care Activities – Practices To Show Yourself Some Love and Care

Here are some self care activities that you must certainly do!

SELF CARE ACTIVITIES – Some activities that will help you give yourself some love and care amid all the tensions and stresses.

Taking care of one’s self – most especially one’s physical and mental health – are major things to consider that must be put on top of priority. Caring for yourself is not selfishness, it is giving yourself what you deserve after all the things you have been through.

Self Care Activities
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If you won’t give the love and care that need, then who would? Above anything else, what should matter most is your happiness and from right there, things will just surely fall into their places.

Here are some self-love practices that you must do:

  • Work out. There’s nothing more important than your physical health. This can help manage stress and by sweating, you produce endorphins, a feel good hormones.
  • Sleep. Give yourself a good sleep. This is proven to do great impacts both emotionally and physically. Not having enough of it can lead to major health issues.
  • Build relationships. Socialize and surround yourself with people who will have a good influence on you. Do something like nurturing your relationships with friends and family.
  • Grab a message. There’s probably nothing more relaxing than a good massage. It will ease your heavy feelings like when you’re stressed, anxious, or depressed.
  • Make a journal. Write down your deepest thoughts, the things that stress you out, the things you are grateful for, and many others. Write down anything that you would like as it will help you ease what you are feeling.
  • Smell the coffee. Coffee-drinkers can certainly relate to this. The aroma it emits is making yur heavy baggage lighter and for a while, you forget things that made you feel bad. Make every sip for yourself.

There are a lot of things that you can practice to show yourself self-love. These other things, according to the Everyday Health blog, include eating the right foods, listening to good music, doing meditation and yoga, having a vacation, positive affirmations, rewarding yourself with something that you really like, and try something like art therapy.


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