Pores In Face – Beauty Tips You Can Do To Improve The Appearance

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What can you do to improve the pores in face? Here are some tips.

PORES IN FACE – Your pores won’t shrink but here are some things you can do that may help improve its appearance on your face.

Shrinking your pores in the face is impossible. As much as many would want to reduce the size of their pores to be as tiny to the point that it cannot be seen anymore, you can’t possibly do it but with some beauty tips and treatments, you can improve its appearance.

Pores On Face
Photo lifted from Dermatology Center for Skin Health

No one would want blocked or clogged pores because it causes acne. There are two types of it – oil and sweat pores. They actually have an important job which is keeping the skin supple, moisturized, and healthy through the natural oils produced by the sebaceous glands. And such function goes the same when it comes to sweat pores.

Now, if you are bothered with your open pores, here are some things you can do about it:

  • Avoid being aggressive to your skin. Be gentle and stop yourself from picking or poking your pores.
  • Ensure good and right products for your skin. As much as possible, find products with “noncomedogenic” on its label.
  • Avoid overwashing or overcleansing your face as this might lead to dryness and irritation. And remember, always be gentle.
  • Regularly exfoliate your skin so as to get rid of the oil, dead skin, and the gunks in your pores.
  • Products with retinoids can also help. Retinoids help boost skin cell turnover.
  • Don’t forget to use your sunscreen to put protection to your face from the damages that the sun can cause it.
  • Double check the makeups you use. Try to use noncomodegenic makeups. avoid products with alcohol and fragrance, shimmert products will only highlight your pores, and use blotting paper that absorbs oil to prevent clogging as per a post from Healthline.

Apart from those tips, you may also try treatments like laser treatments, medium or deep chemical peels, and microneedling. There’s definitely nothing wrong with seeking help from an expert.


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