Niacinamide – What Are The Uses and Benefits Of Niacinamide?

Here are some things to know about niacinamide and its benefits for the skin.

NIACINAMIDE – Considered skincare’s new powerhouse ingredient, these are the uses and benefits of niacinamide.

You have probably heard of a lot of skin products containing niacinamide or also called nicotinamide. This is a form of vitamin B3 that is naturally found in many foods such as meat, fish, milk, eggs, green vegetables, and cereals.

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You might get confused about this ingredient but is different from niacin, NADH, nicotinamide riboside, inositol nicotinate, or L-tryptophan. There’s not enough evidence yet but it is said that this is used to treat conditions like diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, and skin problems such as signs of aging, discoloration, and acne.

Since it is said effective to treat several skin problems, let us dive deeper into this. According to New York dermatologist Dendy Engelman, this skincare holy grail ingredient can be found in foods. It is beneficial to the skin as an anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antioxidant, and skin-brightening agent. It has very similar benefits to retinol.

Apart from this, it also boosts hydration. A post from Vogue said says according to the words from an expert: “It prevents transepidermal water loss and actually boosts the ability of other moisturizing ingredients to do so as well.”

It is highly suggested to use this topically such as in the forms of cream, lotion, or serum. Through these forms, the ingredient is allowed to penetrate well into the skin reaching its maximum benefits. Serums are the most potent and have the highest concentration.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate it with other products and ingredients:

  • To treat dark spots and hyperpigmentation, this works well with skin-brightening ingredients like kojic acid.
  • For the skin’s overall health, use peptides, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid to build the skin barrier.

It would take four weeks to finally see the improvements from using this.


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