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Introvert Personality – How To Tell If You Are An Introverted Person

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These are the signs to observe to tell if a person has an introvert personality. Check out below!

INTROVERT PERSONALITY – Here are the signs and types of introverted personality to tell if a person is an introvert or not.

Were there times you felt different? In a pack of people, are you the quietest? Or have you ever been asked why you’re always silent? If you’ve been through these, you could be an introverted person.

Introvert Personality
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Being an introvert does not necessarily mean you are the type of person who is shy. You are just reserved because you do well when reflecting internally.

Here are some signs of introversion:

  • stillness to concentrate
  • reflective
  • self-aware
  • take time to make decisions
  • comfortable being alone
  • don’t like group work
  • prefer to write rather than talk
  • exhausted after joining in a crowd
  • have few friends and very close with these friends
  • daydreamer or use their imaginations to work out a problem
  • retreat by themselves to rest

Being an introvert are also classified into several types:

  • Social introverts (the classic type)
  • Thinking introverts (the daydreamers)
  • Anxious introverts (the shy-type)
  • Restrained/inhibited introverts (the thinkers before doing anything)

If you are an introvert, you likely want to spend a lot of time with yourself. Being alone gives you peace and relief and would rather spend at home making your hobbies rather than going out.

Being in a situation where you will need to socialize drains you out and finding yourself alone far from the crowd is your way to recharge the energy you’ve used up socializing. Also, one of the traits of an introverted person is they avoid conflict as much as possible. They are sensitive when it comes to negative interactions and criticisms.

Apart from that, they can be a one-man team. They can work better on their own or if you must work with people, you always choose the task that does not require facing other people.

Introversion, as per an article from Healthline, can be developed because of two factors: genes and environment.


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