How To Get Taller (Some Effective Tips)

HOW TO GET TALLER – Here are some tips to increase height and what are the factors reducing it.

Not everyone is gifted with a tall height. Your height is greatly determined by your genes and if you are a bit short, there are some effective ways and tips that can help increase it. Here are some!

How To Grow Taller? Ways To Increase Your Height

Here are some tips on how to grow taller. Check out some tips below!

HOW TO GROW TALLER – Is it possible to increase your height? Here are some ways and tips that might help you with your height dilemma.

What greatly determines your height for about 80 percent is your genes. And in the remaining percentage, external or environmental factors typically account for it.

How To Grow Taller
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After turning 2 years old, children grow by 2.5 inches every year, and once puberty hits, they increase in height more rapidly. But of course, everyone grows at a different pace.

These are the factors affecting height:

  • genetics
  • sex assigned at birth
  • certain medical conditions
  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • secretion of growth hormone from the pituitary gland

Girls begin to grow taller by the beginning of their teenage years while boys won’t experience this until a couple of years into their teenage years. After puberty, this is when the height stops increasing or you begin not to gain more inches. When your growth plates in the bones close down, you won’t be able to grow taller.

Since you will likely stop growing when you reach adulthood, here are some ways and practices that could be of help:

  • Good posture – this practice will make you look taller and also prevent neck and back pain 
  • Strong core muscles – you may achieve this by doing exercises like plank, superman, and abdominal crunch
  • Take supplements – supplements like calcium and vitamin D will help strengthen bones and prevents conditions like osteoporosis, arthritis, fractures, and stooped posture
  • A 2016 literature review stated that an improved and nutritious diet can help increase height
  • Yoga – this activity helps loosen up muscles and according to a 2016 study, it increases bone density and aids a person to have a better posture

Meanwhile, here are some conditions affecting height:

  1. gigantism
  2. dwarfism
  3. arthritis
  4. untreated celiac disease
  5. cancer
  6. any condition requiring the prolonged use of steroids
  7. Down syndrome
  8. Turner syndrome
  9. Marfan syndrome

It takes about 8 weeks for better posture to make a person look taller. There are no specific figures yet as to how much you can grow by having a good posture but some anecdotal reports said a person can increase by up to 2 inches.


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