Healthy Habits For Kids – How To Teach Kids Be Healthy?

What are the healthy habits for kids? Here are some things to teach the younger ones.

HEALTHY HABITS FOR KIDS – Kids pick up habits from the things they see and here are some things to teach kids how to be healthy.

Teaching young children can be challenging. There’s no one approach effective for all. Children have various learning styles and one vital thing is knowing how one learns and what stimulates their curiosity to learn.

And when it comes to being healthy, just like other things they have to learn yet, this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort and most times, they learn these healthy habits through imitation.

If a child sees that his or her parents eat vegetables and fruits, they imitate it.

Healthy Habits For Kids
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Here are some healthy habits to teach a child:

  • Colorful eating – This is like combining fun and being healthy. A colorful bowl must be composed of a range of fruits and vegetables of different colors.
  • Eating breakfast – Breakfast is an integral meal in a day and this must be filled with fiber. As much as we know, eating breakfast has lots of benefits, and teaching children to do this is something they will surely carry as they grow older.
  • Choosing the right physical activity – Just like adults, not all children love sports. The key is finding the right activity to keep them physically active and enjoying, at the same time. It could be swimming, archery, or gymnastics.
  • Plenty of water – Let them see and know the value of water. Keep them away from sodas. According to American Heart Association (AHA), there’s no trace of nutrients in the sugar of soft drinks.
  • Eat together – The University of Florida found that eating together can result in the following:
    • family bonds get stronger
    • kids are more well-adjusted
    • everyone eats more nutritious meals
    • kids are less likely to be obese or overweight
    • kids are less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Limit screen time – Children who watch television for an hour or two a day can lead serious problems like behavioral difficulties, obesity, irregular sleep, and lesser time to play.


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