Doc Willie Ong Gives Tips On Exercising & Relaxing the Body

Tips on Exercising & Relaxing the Body by Doc Willie Ong

EXERCISING & RELAXING – Doc Willie Ong shared some tips on how to exercise and relax the body effectively.

Everyone knows that exercise is needed by the body. However, a lot of people instantly feel tired upon hearing the word “exercise”. It is because a scenario at the gym and fitness centers pop in their mind right away upon hearing the word.

On the other side, exercise does not solely refer to going to the gym. Also, it is needed by the body coupled with relaxation to prevent stress and other health conditions. It is really an edge to set aside time for these two(2) activities that are healthy for the body.

Through a video posted on his YouTube channel, Doc Willie Ong gave some tips on exercising and relaxing the body. After knowing about these tips, surely, your perspective on exercise and relaxation will greatly change.

According to Doc Willie, there are actually several fun ways on how to exercise without enrolling in a gym or fitness center. A person may:

  • bring his or her family for an exercise session
  • take some walks
  • ride a bike
  • take the dogs for walking
  • bask under the sun before 10:00 am or after 4:00 pm

Doc Willie suggests to put on sunblock in case you prefer to bask under the sun to exercise. Aside from these tips on exercising, the doctor also cited a tip for relaxing the body.

According to him, it is best to gaze at the beautiful views even just for half an hour only as it will relax you. Here is a video of Doc Willie on YouTube:

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