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Guide on the Best Foods to Eat Before Biking To Ensure Good Workout

BEST FOODS TO EAT BEFORE BIKING – Are you wondering about the best foods to grab before you take your morning bike ride?

More and more people now are into biking. Many bikers consider it not only as a leisure activity with family and friends but also for health reasons. It is an investment to the health as it gives exercise benefits like a regular workout.

Many people allot a part of their weekends for biking sessions with some family and friends while others have made it a part of their daily routine. Most bikers love doing it early in the morning.

Are you one of those who go biking in the morning? You might be thinking about the best foods to eat before biking.

Best Foods to Eat Before Biking
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Based on an article on Good Food, carbohydrates are really needed when you go out for a biking session. It is needed by the body so you can respond right to the activity as a form of workout. Going out without having eaten anything may prevent you from keeping a quality exercise as you are not ready for an intense activity.

Based on the article, here are two (2) excellent lists of the best foods to eat before biking based on your time preference:

If you wake up two (2) hours before your biking session, you may choose from any of the following:

  • porridge plus
  • blueberry bircher pots
  • mango and banana smoothie
  • cinnamon buckwheat pancakes with cherries
  • scrambled omelette toast topper

If you wake up just 30 minutes before you intend to leave your house for a biking session, based on the article, you may grab any of the following:

  • Fruity cheesecake
  • Breakfast smoothie
  • Breakfast bar
  • Breakfast muffins

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