BEST BATH TIME – Is it Day or Night? Dr. Willie Ong Explains & Gives Tips

Best Bath Time? Dr. Willie Ong Explains Benefits of Taking A Bath During Day & Night

BEST BATH TIME – In a video, Dr. Willie Ong explained the benefits of taking a bath during the day and during the night and gave some bathing tips.

Every day, we must take a bath not only to avoid the unwanted body odor but as well as to avoid certain diseases cause by bacteria and virus. Taking a bath is also one way to lower the stress levels in the body as it reduces the cortesol.

When do you often take a bath, day or night? A lot of people don’t take a bath at night because of the belief that it can make a person anemic. According to Dr. Willie Ong, there is no truth to the said belief.

In a video, Dr. Willie Ong explained about the best bath time. There is actually nothing wrong in taking a bath at daytime or night time. Both of them got their own share of benefits.

According to Doc Willie, taking a bath in the morning with a lukewarm water makes some people more energetic. It is also best as you can get to school or office clean and really awake.

On the case of people taking a bath at night most especially those with insomnia, the doctor stressed that it greatly helps pulling the stress level down. It also helps promote the quality of sleep and the fact that all the germs obtained during the daytime will be washed-out.

According to Doc Willie, taking a bath at night also helps prevent pimples. It can be caused by the bacteria that are on our hair. Aside from explaining whether the best bath time is day or night, the doctor gave some tips in taking a bath based on the video:

  • use lukewarm water to avoid heart attack and headache
  • wet your hands and feet first so the body can slowly adjust
  • oldies must use chair
  • the bathroom should have at least a small window for the ventilation
  • be careful not to let the soap or shampoo get to your eyes
  • do not exceed more than ten(10) minutes
  • scrub the parts of the body where body odor most likely occurs such as the underarm and the neck
  • apply some lotion after taking a bath

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