8 Plants that are Poisonous for Humans & Pets

Guide on Plants that are Poisonous for Humans & Pets thus You Must Be Aware Of

PLANTS THAT ARE POISONOUS – Here is a guide on houseplants that may harm you and your pets when ingested.

A lot of people are into having plants at home. Many individuals are even great at maintaining a garden and they love flowers and different ornamentals at home.

There are plants that are best placed outdoors while there are also those that you can have indoors. Many people like having some plants inside the house as they do not only bring clean air but they also give a refreshing sight.

However, for those who have pets at home like dogs, some plants may not be advisable to have inside the house. There are plants that are poisonous to both humans and pets.

These plants that are poisonous to humans and pets may cause danger when they are ingested. Based on an article on American Kennel Club, here is a list of the houseplants that you must be careful of:

1. Oleander. Every part of this houseplant is poisonous and can cause dizziness, vomiting, and even death.

Plants that are Poisonous - Oleander

2. Peace Lily. This plant can survive with a little sunlight and water thus they can really be kept indoors. However, they are poisonous when ingested by humans and pets. They can cause drooling, vomiting, and swelling of the upper airways, tongue, and lips.

Peace Lily

3. Sago Palm. This plant is cute and small but may bring humans discomfort when ingested. It is extremely poisonous for dogs.

Plants that are Poisonous - Sago Palm

4. ZZ Plant. This indoor greenery is risky for humans and pets when ingested. It may bring similar effects with oleander.

ZZ Plant

5. Snake Plants. When ingested by humans or dogs, the snake plant can result in nausea and vomiting. It may further cause swelling of the throat and tongue and a numbing effect on the body.

Snake Plant

6. Lilies. This group of plants is not really risky for humans but they may have some negative effects on cats. Ingestion of this plant can cause gastrointestinal upset.

Plants that are Poisonous - Lilies

7. Areca Palm. A research found that it does the opposite work of providing humans a clean air as it releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Areca Palm

8. Weeping Fig. Based on the article, the sap it releases is extremely toxic and may result in coughing, itchiness of the eyes, wheezing, and skin irritations.

Plants that are Poisonous - Weeping Fig

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