5 Stages of Grief You Need To Be Aware to Process your Emotions

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Guide on 5 Stages of Grief – Learning More about How You Feel

5 STAGES OF GRIEF – Here are the five stages of grief that you need to be aware of so you can process your emotions well.

Human emotions are among the hardest things to deal with especially if you cannot fully determine what you are feeling. When you lose a loved one, when a big project you gave your best for failed, when something you expect did not happen, there can be an incredible load of sadness, disappointment, and frustration inside you.

These negative feelings which can be products of grief may live inside you for as long as you don’t know how to process them. It is important to know them and own them so you can let them go.

Are you aware about the 5 stages of grief? Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross developed a theory that there are stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

5 Stages of Grief
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5 Stages of Grief


This is the phase wherein the exact scenario or reality has yet to sink in or be fully absorbed by the body. It may take some time for the mind to adjust and this may be the phase where the process may slow down because of the overwhelming effect of the loss or pain.


Based on an article on Very Well Mind, anger can be a response of the body while adjusting to a new reality and the product of extreme emotional discomfort. Anger becomes an emotional outlet for all the things that you are feeling.


This is the part where you make promises or bargain in order to keep someone or something. It is like a way to avoid the current pain and the request is usually addressed to God. There is a feeling of helplessness and regrets.


This is the phase when a person begins to see reality. There is no more bargaining and the loss is really felt. The sadness may grow inside you and you want to stay away from people and reach out less to others.


Based on the article, this phase does not mean that there is no more pain caused by the loss but you are not anymore resisting from the reality of the situation. There might still be sadness and regret but you already start seeing things as they are.

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