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URINE COLOR – What Does Your Urine Color Says About Your Health?

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What Does Your Urine Color Says About Your Health?

URINE COLOR – Doc Willie Ong discusses the relation of our urine color and health and what the color says about the state of our health.

The urine plays an important role in our for it also determines something about our health and not just merely a waste coming out of our body. The normal color of human urine ranges from pale yellow to deep amber and if there’s an abnormality in the color or something unusual, it could be a sign of certain disease.

Here are color of our urine and what it tells about our health:

  • Clear – This means that you drink too much liquids but do not exceed to drinking 16 glasses in a day.
  • Straw Yellow – This is still fine and clear and normal.
  • Dark Yellow – This indicates dehydration, thus, drink more water.
  • Bright Yellow – This could tell that you have up too much water soluble vitamins.
  • Orange – This tells of too much medication intake and dehydration
  • Cloudy Or Milky – This is natural unless there’s pain which may tell you that you have urinary tract infection or kidney stones which is why you must see a doctor right away.
  • Dark brown and clear – This could be a sign of liver disorder most especially if it comes with pale stools and a yellow, jaundiced complexion.
  • Pink or reddish – The color red might be a sign of blood in the urine, early sign of kidney stones, cancer, or just nothing. However, you must consult a doctor when this happens. A blood in the urine is not a good sign.
  • Coke-Coloured – This can be caused by old blood from tumor, kidney stone, or blood clot in the kidney.
  • Blue or Green – This can be possibly caused by some types of medication which can lead to urinary tract infection.
  • Deep Purple – This could be rare but this is an indication of kidney failure.

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