Types Of Worms People Can Get and How They Get Them

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Here are some types of worms and how can a person contract them.

TYPES OF WORMS – There are some types of worms that a human can get in many ways and here are some things you need to know about them.

There are actually several types of worms that a person can get infected with and some of them can actually be treated with medicines that can be bought in pharmacies.

Raw Meat, Types of Worms
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Now, how can a human get worms? People can acquire worms in various ways. There are types that can be swallowed, enter through the skin if an insect that has bitten you is infected, when you have eaten the meat of an animal that’s infected, and among others.

Check out below the worms that a human can get:

  • Threadworms – a person can get them if he swallowed its eggs and these eggs will be hatched in your intestines. It may cause itching, pain, and nausea.
  • Roundworms – this worm exists in places where it is warm and has poor sanitation. It can spread through a soil with an infected stool in it or by eating raw meat that is infected.
  • Hookworms – similar to roundworms, eggs of hookworms can hatch in a soil where there’s a presence of an infected stool in it and it can enter through the skin. Avoid being barefooted.
  • Strongyloides stercoralis or tiny roundworm – this causes Strongyloidiasis. The worm can get in through the skin and go directly to the small intestine where eggs will be hatched. This can cause a handful of symptoms.
  • Trichinella roundworms – this worm causes trichinosis and you can get this by eating an infected meat or pork that’s either raw or undercooked. The intestinal worm can grow, mate, and lay eggs in your intestine.
  • Whipworms – this type also stays in the intestine and such a name was coined because of what they look like.
  • Tape worms – they can live for up to 30 years inside you and they can be acquired through contaminated food or water.

As per WebMD’s post, other types include Blood Flukes (flatworms) causing schistosomiasis. A person can get them from dipping in a fresh body of water where snails living in it are infected.


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