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Tips to Stop Overthinking – Here Are the Ways on How To Get Away From It

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List of Tips to Stop Overthinking & Be Present

TIPS TO STOP OVERTHINKING – Are you having a problem with overthinking and you want to free yourself from it?

Fortunately, mental health is gaining more and more attention now and many people do not take for granted the value of a healthy mindset anymore. Truth be told that many lives were lost because society was not open about it before as it is now.

Due to the many factors in life – school, work, relationships, money problems, etc., there is really a risk of being mentally exhausted. Despite the exhaustion, it seems like you cannot the stuff off your mind – overthinking.

Do you often experience overthinking? Is it also bringing a huge impact on your life?

Tips to Stop Overthinking
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Overthinking is not healthy – not just mentally but as a whole. It can disrupt your whole life and prevent you from being well-rounded and productive.

Also, an overthinking mind may not result in the best decisions over a problem or anything. It is always driven by pressure and stress. Do you also want to free yourself from it? There are tips to stop overthinking.


1. Awareness. It is important to acknowledge that you are thinking way too much again. If you ever find yourself stressed in thoughts again, it is important to step back and check on how you are responding to the situation.

2. Be Positive. Based on an article on INC, overthinking is caused by fear alone. Instead of visualizing things negatively, focus on what can go right.

3. Distract Yourself. Find things that make you happy to distract yourself from thinking. You can spend your time exercising, dancing, playing sports, etc.

4. Put Things into Perspective. Prevent yourself from making a mountain out of a molehill. When there is a problem, ask yourself if it will matter in five (5) years so you can decide the extent of time you need to think about it.

5. Drop Perfection. One of the tips to stop overthinking cited in the article is to stop waiting for perfection. Perfect is unrealistic.

6. Put a Timer. It is important to set a timer. Give yourself five (5) minutes to think about it. After it, get a piece of paper and write down all the things that are stressing you within 10 minutes. After it, drop the pen and work on other things.

7. Be Grateful. Gratitude is important in stopping overthinking. Think of it as a waste of time and it is not serving the purpose of using time wisely.

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