Symptoms of Low Platelets or Thrombocytopenia You Must Not Ignore

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List of Symptoms of Low Platelets or Thrombocytopenia that Prompt Medical Attention

SYMPTOMS OF LOW PLATELETS – Here is a guide on the signs of thrombocytopenia or a condition of low platelet count you must not ignore.

Oftentimes, some diseases show small signs before they get to the worst scenarios but these signals are usually taken for granted. In some cases, the symptoms are sometimes ignored because they are too common.

Thus, if you want to stay healthy and fit, it is really best to eat a healthy diet, get enough rest and sleep, and exercise daily but it is also important to be aware of the different health conditions and their symptoms.

In this article, let us talk about thrombocytopenia or a condition of low platelet count. This condition can happen anytime and spares no one regardless of gender, race, and age.

Symptoms of Low Platelets
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Based on a report on Mayo Clinic, thrombocytopenia can be caused by several factors including bone marrow disorders like leukemia or an immune system problem. It can also be an effect of certain medications. It may also be due to some types of anemia, cancers, or viral infection. Certain medical treatments and procedures like chemotherapy may also result in this condition.

Based on the article, while a low platelet count may not be risky in some cases, it can also be dangerous and may result in internal bleeding if not given the proper medical attention.

Symptoms of Low Platelets:

  • easy or excessive bruising
  • superficial bleeding into the skin which may appear like a rash, it usually appears in the lower legs
  • fatigue
  • bleeding from nose
  • bleeding from gums
  • prolonged bleeding from cuts
  • unusually heavy menstrual flows
  • blood in urine and stools

If you notice these symptoms of low platelets, it is best to see a doctor right away so your condition can be thoroughly checked and addressed.

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