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STRESS – What Are the Diseases It Can Cause & How To Lessen Stress

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Guide on How To Lessen Stress & the Diseases It Can Cause to the Body

STRESS – Dr. Willie Ong discussed the diseases it can cause and how to lessen your stress level.

One of the things that a lot of people deal with daily is stress. It is a condition which is usually a result when a situation or something demands for some adjustment or action. It can be caused by an external or internal factor.

Although the said condition is common among people now regardless of age, gender, and status in life, it should never be taken for granted. It is one of the leading cause of several health problems.

According to Dr. Willie Ong, here is a list of some of the diseases that stress can actually cause to the body:

  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Heart Attack
  • Body Pain

Do you want to know if you are stressed? You may follow or check on any of the tips stated below:

  • Check your heart rate. The normal heart rate is between 60-90 beats per minute. If your heart rate is between 70-80, it means you are healthy. If it is between 80-90, it means you are stressed.
  • Check your respiratory rate. According to Doc Willie, the normal respiratory rate is 12 breaths per minute. Above it indicates that you are stressed.
  • Physical symptoms. If you are stressed, you may be experiencing some pain in the neck or in the shoulder. It may also occur when you clinch your fist.
  • Heart burn. Also a sign that you are stressed is when you are experiencing heart burn.

Ways on How To Lessen Stress:

  • Take a slow and deep breath
  • Drink 1/4 glass of water every five minutes to ease your heart burn
  • Clinch your fist harder and open it slowly
  • Stretch your shoulder and neck to relax the body and ease the pain
  • Train your mind to relax
  • Control your temper

Here is a video of Dr. Willie Ong posted on YouTube:

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