Signs of Health Problems in Nails – There’s Something They’re Probably Trying to Tell You

SIGNS OF HEALTH PROBLEMS IN NAILS – There are some things that your nails are probably telling you as they may show possible health problems.

Many people will surely be surprised upon knowing that the nails can actually be indicators of some health problems. If you know this, you will be able to determine once your nails start to indicate something.

Nail Problems and What It Says About Your Health?

Nail problems to see and its indications about your health.

NAIL PROBLEMS – Here are some tips and indications that the texture and color of your nails tell something about your overall health.

Our body is wonderful and a mystery. It has its ways to tell us if something is wrong in our health or if we are doing well in taking care of it. The urine, the stools, and even our vomit has some characteristics which says something about our health. And now, even our fingernails become a window about it.

Nail Problems
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  • Brittle – A common problem more often happening to women caused by repeated wetting and drying of fingernails which is why you should use gloves when doing the laundry or washing the dishes.
  • Soft – Weak nails break easily caused it having overexposed to moisture or chemicals such as detergent, nail treatments, nail polish remover, and among others.
  • Peeling – This is caused when you are using your nails to remove something hard such as acrylic nail polish and if soaked in sudsy water for too long.
  • Ridges – These looks life the little horizontal or vertical waves on your fingernails where the vertical ones is considered benign while the horizontal ones is a sign of more serious complications called Beau’s Lines.


  • Yellow – This is relatively common and is a sign of fungal infection.
  • Black lines – Called as splinter hemorrhage, this can also appear as brown or dark red in color and this appear when the fingernails suffers trauma such as unintentional slamming something hard to it.
  • White spots – The scattered white spots indicates zinc deficiency and it possible causes include allergic reaction, fngal infection, and nail injury.
  • No half-moons – If the half-moons at the bottom of your fingernails disappear, this could be a sign of malnutrition, depression, or anemia.

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