Rectal Cancer – What Is Rectal Cancer and Its First Signs?

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Here are some things to know about rectal cancer. Find it out below!

RECTAL CANCER – These are the first signs of rectal cancer, a type of cancer where cancerous cells develop in the rectum, and among other things about this.

Cancers are traitors. No matter what type it is or where it has developed – it is a traitor. It just grows and suddenly, you only have one year to live.

Rectal Cancer
Photo lifted from Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

But one cancer that is curable is rectal cancer. This is a type where cancer cells develop in the rectum. The rectum is found in your large intestine, a part of it. It looks like a chamber that is located between your colon and your anus.

Usually, people age over 50 years old will likely develop this condition regardless of their gender. However, men are more likely to develop this compared to women. Moreover, not only old people can get this because teens and adults also have the chance of getting this.

In a post from the American Society Of Colon and Rectal surgeons, the exact causes of this particular type of cancer are unknown. It can be prevented and although there is no concrete evidence yet, a person’s diet plays a significant role.

It can be discovered through colonoscopy, a screening method, and when detected early, appropriate methods of treatment can be done to cure this. The risk of this can be reduced if one exercises regularly, eats less red and processed meat, consumes more fiber and vegetables, drops the smoking habit, and reduces alcohol intake.

Below are the most common symptoms of this cancer:

  • changes in bowel habits like constipation or diarrhea
  • changes in the shape of your stool (it becomes narrow-shaped)
  • there is blood in your stool
  • pelvic or lower abdominal pain
  • unexplained weight loss
  • exhaustion or you feel tired all the time

Other than colonoscopy, a doctor may run other tests to find out if you have it through a physical exam and medical history, digital rectal exam, proctoscopy, and biopsy.


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