PROPER HYGIENE – Doc Liza Ong On Tips For Proper Hygiene

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Doc Liza Ong shares some tips about proper hygiene.

PROPER HYGIENE – Here are some tips and guide from medical expert Doc Liza Ong on how to maintain proper hygiene for better personal care.

Self-care is definitely very important and the first step is our care for our body. Physical appearance is the surface that people first see where mostly tend to make a first impression and to give them the great impression about you and your cleanliness, Doc Liza Ong shares something about tips for proper hygiene.

Here are some proper hygiene tips for better self-care:

  • When showering, cold water can less likely to cause dry skin than hot water. If having hot shower, just don’t take too long.
  • Take a bath everyday.
  • Use appropriate products according to what your skin or hair needs.
  • Avoid using loofa or other things to scrub as it can cause dry skin.
  • Dry the hair gently using towel.
  • After shower, take a bath immediately for better absorption.
  • Also, other tips to maintain cleanliness: brush and floss, trim your nails, hand washing regularly, stay hydrated, wipe from front to back, plenty of water intake, and among others.

And for women, here are some tips to maintain cleanliness of their private part based on the Doc Liza:

  • If something is wrong like itchiness, the burning feeling down there, and some whitish discharge, there are vaginal creams recommended by doctors.
  • When washing your part, use mild soap with no fragrance or creams and rinse thoroughly.
  • If having white discharge, avoid using panty liners. Use cotton underwears instead and change three to four times a day.
  • Avoid wearing tight pants.


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