Mental Health – Here’s a List of 5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Daily

Questions for Mental Health Preservation amid Busy Lives Now

MENTAL HEALTH – Here is a list of five (5) simple yet important questions that you must ask yourself daily.

Truth be told that amid being in the age of information now, many people still find it hard to help themselves or speak out to others about what they are going through mentally. There are individual differences and some people are not used to speaking what they feel inside.

In fact, even individuals who speak a lot may also be hiding a mental health problem that they try to fight daily. It is nearly impossible to accurately speak of a person’s mental health.

Meanwhile, if you are one of those who struggle mentally at times and you happened to bump into this article, there are five (5) important questions that you must ask yourself daily as they may help.

Mental Health
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Asking yourself is one way of checking it. Truth be told that an individual has the most conversation with himself or herself in a day than with another person. However, oftentimes, people miss out on valuable questions.

It is important that you do not only consider your opinions about yourself or what you are going through but as well as simple unnoticeable facts that surround your current mood. For example, you might be mentally lonely now but not because there is an innate struggle but simply because your body is tired and is calling for rest.

While a busy life is a common thing among many people now, you need to stop for a while and give time for yourself to secure your mental health. If taken for granted, it can affect not only your mood but as well as your health, your performance at work, your relationships with other people, and a lot more.

Minaa B has drafted five (5) important questions daily for mental health. Here is a list of the simple yet helpful quests that you must ask yourself daily to help assess what you are going through:

  1. How am I feeling today mentally and physically?
  2. What is taking up most of my headspace?
  3. When did I last eat a whole meal?
  4. Am I tired?
  5. What will I engage in today that will bring me joy?

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