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Male Menopause a.k.a Andropause: Facts, Causes, and Complications

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Here are some things you might need to know about male menopause or also called as “andropause”.

MALE MENOPAUSE – These are some facts, causes, symptoms, and complication of menopause to men which is also called as “andropause”.

Men also have menopause and it is called “andropause”. It is a condition when their testosterone production of their body decreases. This causes them to experience physical and psychological symptoms which is a result of the low levels.

Male Menopause

Accordingly, the testosterone decline is estimated to be about 10% every decade after they reach the age of 30. Aside from the symptoms, this will also put them at risk of other serious health conditions such as osteoporosis. Aside from aging, andropause also occurs with diabetes.

Here are the symptoms they experience based on WebMd article:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Depression
  • Sexual problems

How will a doctor determine if a man is on menopause already? A physical examination will be conducted, they will be asked about the symptoms, to undergo some tests to rule out possibilities of having certain conditions, and a blood test.

A testosterone replacement therapy might relieve symptoms like decrease of libido, depression, and fatigue. But some lifestyle changes may help with some symptoms which include diet, exercise program, and medication like antidepressant.

Meanwhile, in a previous article, public health expert Doc Willie Ong has suggested healthy which are best for men to eat such as fatty fishes, beans, tomatoes, lean part of meat, seafoods, bananas, green leafy veggies, and orange vegetables. These tips are useful since there are studies that show where men die younger than women and compared to women, in terms of health, they are weaker.


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