Love Handle Fat – How To Reduce This?

LOVE HANDLE FAT – Can love handles go away? Here are some simple and effective tips and ways to reduce love handles.

There’s surely nothing to love about love handles. They are excess fats stored around the waist. This is completely normal but the word “excess fats” in it is enough indication that this might pose some serious health conditions. Can you make it go away?

Love Handles – Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Them

What are the causes of love handles? Check out some details about this here.

LOVE HANDLES – These are signs of fat accumulation in the hips and abdominal area and this is how you can prevent these and get rid of them.

Stubborn love handles can sometimes get in the way of how we see ourselves in dressing up. These are most especially pronounced or obvious when wearing tight-fitting clothes. These are the fat deposits found around the waist and although they are completely normal, they are still considered excess fats and excess fats, as much as we all know, are a disadvantage to our health.

Love Handles
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These fats around our waist are considered visceral fats or the fats around the organs. They can be harmful because there’s a possibility of inflammation in the tissues and organs and they can narrow your blood vessels.

Love handles are developed when we consume more calories than we should and the area in the hips is more prone to storing the extra fat. There are several factors that can contribute to developing these and they include genetics, hormones, stress levels, sleeping habits, poor nutrition, age, and lack of exercise.

Since they are partially because of genetics, sometimes, you cannot entirely get rid of them but you can do something to reduce them and improve your appearance.

Among these effective ways are:

  • Exercises that target the back, abs, and hips like planks, crunches, Russian twist, mountain climbing, and bridges.
  • Some lifestyle changes will also make an impact like eating plant-based foods, lean proteins, beans, and legumes and reducing sodium intake. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), losing one to two pounds a week is the best way to lose weight. This is gradual and steady and these healthy habits can help you reduce them and make them not come back.
  • Some medical procedures will also help like liposuction and gastric bypass surgery. 

Generally, sticking to a healthy lifestyle like regularly exercising and eating a good diet will give you the result you want like having an amazing and healthy body and the aesthetic benefits.


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