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LIVER HEALTH – Warning Signs & Symptoms Of Liver Problem You Must Not Ignore

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Liver health and warning signs of diseases you must not ignore.

LIVER HEALTH – Here are some warning signs and symptoms of your liver starting to get damaged which you must not ignore according to Doc Willie Ong.

One of the most hard-working organs of the human body is the liver and one of its major function is filtering toxic substances out of your blood. The liver also helps in food digestion and convert it to energy. And when it stops functioning due to liver disease, it can potentially result to serious health effects. But one can manage such liver problems through early detection by being aware and knowing how to recognize the symptoms.

Here are some symptoms and warning signs:

  • Bruising. You easily gets bruised more than usual and gets wounded are indications that you might have liver problem.
  • Persistent Fatigue. You get tired easily and becoming weak.
  • Vomiting. There might be other factor why you vomited is also an indication of a liver problem.
  • Swollen ankles, legs, or abdomen.
  • This also comes in bigger stomach and a pain in right upper quadrant.
  • Yellow Skin. This is quite a dangerous indication where the face and the skin starting to get yellowish and jaundice.
  • Urine color gets darker.
  • Change in behavior and sleeping more than usual. This is because of the toxins that stays in the body that can’t come out and goes to the brain instead.

What to do to take care of your liver?

  1. Total avoidance of drinking alcoholic drinks.
  2. Avoid getting Hepatitis A, B, and C.
  3. Healthy lifestyle, reduce intake of fatty foods, healthy diet, and maintain ideal weight.

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